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NEW SINGLE 'Vacant Eyes'


Maarjn is the music project of Meanjin/Brisbane based songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jon Marsden. Blending acoustic and electronic elements, Maarjn creates an intricate and detailed sonic landscape inspired by a range of alternative influences such Bon Iver, Radiohead, John Martyn and Jeff Buckley. Often described as chaotic and divisive Maarjn's sound is dynamic; abrasive and beautiful, complex but simple.


No two shows are ever the same. The 6 piece band is comprised of drummer Charlie Newman, keyboard and saxophonist Josh O'byrne, bassist Massimo Dell'Annunziata, synth/sound designer Ocean Beck and keyboard, guitarists and backing vocalist Ryan Percival.  Having thrived in the studio for many years during the world pandemic, Maarjn takes many of his studio production techniques to the live context to deliver an extremely dynamic and captivating performance, full of diverse textures and lush details.


'Vacant Eyes' was written and produced by Jonathan Marsden (Maarjn). The first single to be released by the Meanjin/Brisbane based musician. A somewhat unorthodox first release for the artist, 'Vacant Eyes' is a deliberately raw and unpolished track. Inspired by the eccentric production style of Bon Iver and the enigmatic writing qualities of folk songwriter Nick Drake, 'Vacant Eyes' breathes fresh life into the indie/alternative genre and hopes to set a precedent for what Maarjn has to come.

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